Apple has publicized that the company plans to release Swift 3.1 in spring next year, might be in March or June.
Swift 3.1 is proposed to be a source that is suitable for Swift 3.0 and a small amount of core programming language improvement will be a part of it.
Swift Package Manager, Swift on Linux, compiler, and Standard Library will also be improved according to the new standards.
Reportedly, Swift 3.1 development should be wrapped up around Jan 16,2017 for major updates.
So that, the company will be able to start focusing on the development of Swift 4.
Swift is so called Apple’s open source programming language for MacOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS, and Linux.
Earlier this year, in September the company has released Swift 3.0 making major enhancements and refinements to the core language and standard library.
In Swift 3.0, Major additions had been done to Linux port of Swift and officially released Swift Package Manager for the first time.

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