Every December, Apple give a gift to its retail employees around the world to thank them for their work for the company and allowing them to celebrate the season.
In the current year, the company will give T-shirt and Company’s printed credo to every employee. The T-shirt is having two circles indicating the list of company retail location in the world.
We are here to enrich lives.
To help dreamers become doers,
to help passion expand human potential,
to do the best work of our lives.


We give more than we take. From the planet to the person beside us. We become a place to belong where everyone is welcome. Everyone.
We draw strength from our differences. From background and perspective to collaboration and debate. We are open.
We redefine expectations. First for ourselves, then for the world. Because we’re a little crazy. Because “good enough” isn’t. Because what we do says who we are.
We find courage.
To try and to fail,
to learn and to grow,
to figure out what’s next,
to imagine the unimaginable,
to do it all over again tomorrow.


We believe our soul is our people. People who recognize themselves in each other. People who shine a spotlight only to stand outside it. People who work to leave this world better than they found it. People who live to enrich lives.
These gifts have not been that mush impressive as then older one were.
In 2015, Apple give its employees a set of black and red urBeats headphones from the Beats by Dr. Dre product lineup and a nine-month Apple Music subscription.
While in 2014, Apple give an Apple-branded In case backpack.
Earlier than this the gift includes blankets, water bottles, hoodies, free apps, discounted iTunes gift cards, and more.

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