Today, a decision on the lawsuit between Apple and its retail store employees of California has been announced.
The lawsuit was originally filed in 2011 by its four employees but later it was increased to about 20,000 retail employees of Apple based in California.
In the case, different allegations were made on Apple including giving proper breaks to employees, pay wages were not being paid timely and exact pay statements.
The case was finally gone to the court in San Diego in October. Now the court has very kindly decided and ordered the Apple to pay $2 million to the employees.
The agreement shares about $95 per employee and $2 million which is a minimum share of $42.4 billion pulled by Apple alone.
On the other hand, Apple claimed that it has presented proper breaks as per the California Labor Code for years.
Apple has not yet offered any comments on the today’s decision. Employees who refused to breaks in support of customers have picked up new iPhone and iPhone will get cash very quickly.

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