As we are well aware of the news that Amazon will use Drones for the delivery of customer’s orders. Here is there first every delivery in Cambridge. They said that it took 13 minutes after customer placed order.
This test took place within five miles on 7th Dec. It was done with the approval of Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority, which Amazon says plans to allow it to deliver to rural areas once it has amassed sufficient safety data. Drone flew 400 feet from the ground to its delivery point and then came back.
The order contained Amazon Fire TV and bag of popcorn. There will no surcharge for 30 minutes delivery to customers living in few miles to Amazon’s testing facility customer,said Amazon.
Amazon stated that drone delivery will only be available during daylight hours and will be dependent on weather situation. It will only be available during daylight when there will be low wind and good visibility and no rain or snow falling.
With only couple of deliveries via drone shows a long way out from becoming a reality. But few years from now, when Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos announced about drone delivery, people thought it was a joke but with this successful delivery its becoming reality. The company said :
“one day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on the road.”

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