Last week, Google has released third party integration for Google Home using actions on Google.
Allowing Developers to design conversational interface and combine their services with Google Assistant.
Google offers reasonably limited third party content support, the goal with actions is to speed up compliance on Google Assistant by sanctioning it for linking more services.

On launch event on October 14, Google introduced Netflix integration on Google Home and presently,integration is available on the device.
By using commands, users are now able to link their Netflix account with Google Home and Play TV shows and movies to a chrome cast or a cast empowered device.
Google photos also combine with Google Home through which users will be able to see their photos on their TV.
In order to assemble the integration, users should have to open “Videos and Photos” section in Google Home settings.

However, there are still some major improvements need to be done on the Google Assistant and setting up server side connection.
Therefore, it is expected that users will be able to send voice commands on Netflix to stream the content.

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