Today Facebook has published its current clarity report. In which the company briefed that government request for user data for first half of 2016.
The government request for the global user data is increased 27 percent ass compared to last half of 2015. The number of requests has been increased from 46,710 to 59,229 according to the company.
Most of the request have been received from the U.S law enforcement agencies containing a nondisclosure paragraph that does not allow Facebook to send feedback to the user in question.
According to the report, Government has also requested for some restrictions on a number of contents, this request is made to prevent users from breaking local laws.
The contents have been decreased 83 percent from 55,827 to 9,663. Previously, the sharp increase in the requests related to the image of Paris attacks has raised quickly.
It is the first time that the Facebook has tracked down that how many times government request company to preserve account data.
In short, law enforcement companies want to eliminate the conventional way to submit a proper form and then get the information about a particular thing but the company has refused to give information without any legal process.
According to the company, it has received 38,675 preservation requests for 67,129 accounts.
Apparently, Facebook has introduced its reporting of emergency requests to some countries outside of U.S. the company has also received 3,016 emergency requests for 4,192 accounts.
Due to reforms in the USA freedom Act, Facebook was allowed to offer information to National Security Letters(NSLs).
The reforms allowed Facebook it can respond to NSLs as well as the customer information which is requested.
Facebook published that original NSL here from Jacksonville, Fl FBI office along with government’s authorization letter but the information of accounts have been erased.
The company has also updated the range of NSLs from 0 to 499. You can see the full report here.

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