Nowadays technology is too advanced so that’s why Skype and other social media application are in competition.everyone use Facebook messenger.
So that’s why Facebook management has introduced the group video chat for their users that allows multiple video chat or calling in at a time.
Facebook messenger launched the video group chat for users.Multiple users will listen to the audios and also send the text as well as different animations and gifs images.
Through calling user also send the audio clips and during the video chat, they also take selfies and pic and then they will also send the other users during the group chat.
Facebook messenger group video chat will spread out in the whole world through Ios, Manger android, and the web. Fa messenger establishes one-on-one calling feature in April 2015.
Over 240 million people want a group video calling that’s why Facebook messenger launched the group video calling and chatting Facebook messenger also succeeded by giving the challenge to other messengers like Face Time/i Message, Google Duo and snap chat.
if you want to join the group video calling first you select your friend and then send the notification for joining the video calling.

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