Bad news for gamer!
Once again It is the time when most of you will get new Play Stations and X Boxes that will continue to be among most popular gifts for Christmas, but there are possibilities that you will not be able to log into the online gaming console like happens on every Christmas holidays.
Back in 2014 Christmas holidays, the notorious hacker group Lizard Squad knocked the PS Network and Xbox Live offline for most of the gamer out there through a massive DDOS attack against gaming networks.

Now a new hacking group who managed to take down Tumbler this week for two hours warned gamer of launching large-scale distributed denial of service attack against Play Station networks and Xbox Live.
Calling themselves R.I.U Star Patrol, the hacking group posted a video on YouTube in which they announced that they are planning to take down PS and Xbox servers on Christmas Day through DDOS attack.
“We do it because we can,” the group said. “We have not been paid a single dollar for what we do.”
On Wednesday, when R.I.U. Star Patrol took down Tumbler, the group contacted Mashable and explained its reason for attacking: “There is no sinister motive. It’s all for light hearted fun.” Neither Sony nor Microsoft has yet responded to the hackers’ warning.
However, both Sony and Microsoft previously promised to increase their servers protection/security to block any attack disrupting their network, but downtime and short outages happened almost every Christmas time.
“Knowing the current abilities of hackers to launch DDoS attack that can reach 1 Tbps, it goes without saying that both the companies should be prepared to see DDoS attacks targeting its servers on this Christmas that can go beyond their expectations.”, reported by The Hacker News
The massive DDoS attack was launched just by a botnet of an estimated 100,000 so-called Internet of Things (IoT) – everyday devices and appliances that are connected to the web – that closed down the Internet for millions of users.
So, it remains to be seen if gamer would be able to enjoy this Christmas or not.

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