Two years back, Instagram has almost 300 million active users per month which are in fact a big milestone for a young network. But that is dim as compared to the Instagram current monthly active users.
On Thursday, the company proclaimed that its monthly active users have hit 600 million monthly active users mark which is double as compared to the rate in 2014.
Its very huge achievement for any of the company who has been growing at rapid pace. This is a huge achievement for a company who has been established 2 years ago.
600 million active users have been posting, liking and commenting on photos on the app or website.
After being launched in 2010, the company took its time to grow. The rise of smartphone and evolution of Instagram has been helpful in introducing snap chat feature called stories.
Back in 2014, the company took 7 months to grow from 200 million to 300 million active users per month.
It is very excellent to know that Instagram has changed its simpler photo sharing to social media hub.
Instagram is just like a community where people share their memories or holidays photos videos etc.
Earlier this week, Instagram has added Bookmark option that helps users to bookmark videos, photos etc on a separate page accessible by your profile.

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