People are well aware of Night vision technology probably gamers. Night vision technology is the essential part of Battle either real life or in games. However, L-3 Ground Panoramic NGVs, top in the list, which were used  in Osama bin Laden raid, are heavy, cumbersome and require an external power source.But Australian National University invented new NVGs that are no thicker than a pair of normal glasses.
These new NVGs uses aluminum gallium arsenide nano-structure technology.While the old NVGs uses cascaded secondary emission process.
Mohsen Rahmani explained in an ANU video:
“We managed to fabricate very teeny, tiny structures. Those magic structures are capable [of] changing the intensity of the light, change the shape of the light, and, at the same time, change the color of the light.Our eyes are capable only of seeing light in the visible spectrum. If we can fabricate an area of nanostructures on flat surfaces like glass, at the end of the day we will be able to convert invisible light in the nighttime or dark areas into visible light.”
The new technology will still be needing an external energy supply to work,  but would need only a fraction of a conventional NVG’s power. The Australian team has submitted their research work on this technology to DARPA for further investigation.

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