The Raspberry Pi Foundation was working to to run the Raspberry Pi hobby board, that comes with the Chromium web browser and a suite of productivity and coding tools. But now they released a experimental version of its Linux-based Pixel OS for all Windows and Mac PCs.
The lightweight Debian-based OS can boot and run from a USB stick.
The only thing you need for you old machine to run this light weight OS is 512 RAM. CEO of  Raspberry Pi Foundation , Eben Upton said:
“Because we’re using the venerable i386 architecture variant it should run even on vintage machines like my ThinkPad X40 (above),”
In his blog he also said :
“We asked ourselves one simple question: If we like Pixel so much, why ask people to buy Raspberry Pi hardware in order to run it?”
The team thinks that this would be very useful for the School computers and will help students learn programming and various apps with fast performance.Not only they could use in school but they can use it at home with persistence Boot option.
Already there are many light weight Linux distros for older PCs but Raspberry is providing useful Linux apps with Pixels and aims to make it easy to use.But still its under  construction and experimental phase is only for Raspberry Pi hobby board. They will be launching more updates to make it better.
So, if you are having old PC wait until the final update. May be this worth it!

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