Every time a new iPhone is released many people line up for days just to buy one. Sure, it looks cool, But many of them are not aware of it all functionalities, you may have an iPhone but not much usage information.
There may be more people who love iPhone more than any other smartphone brand in the market and some who hates it, it is true that is isn’t powerful as some top-notch Android-based smartphones.
Right now many of you might be using iPhone 7, and many of Apple fanboy like me must be waiting for iPhone 8 with an amazing design. For now, let’s look at some of the interesting facts about iPhone that I’m sure you are unaware of.

Infographic created by IOTransfer – easily transfer iPhone data to PC/Mac/iPad/iPod.

Additional Information:
#1 Jarrod McKinney’s phone landed on a building. He used a GPS Tracking app so that he can find his iPhone easily. When he found his phone he was even able to attend his phone calls with it.
#2 Apple reveal events start at 9 am, and the iPhone ads usually appear on the screen 40 minutes later. They want that the time shown on the ads to be close to the actual time on the audience’s watches.
#4 iPhone was used by 8% of people only in 2010, taking the first place among smartphones market.
#5 Cisco actually sued Apple for using ‘iPhone’ as the name of its smartphone. Both companies reached a settlement, agreeing to work together on products in the future.

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